Norman Parathyroid Center

Worldwide leaders in parathyroid disease research, knowledge, and treatment.

​​High Blood Calcium is Bad is a national campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of high blood calcium. Blood calcium that is even a little bit high can cause serious health problems.

The Norman Parathyroid Center has performed more parathyroid operations than any institution world wide, currently about 20 times more than any other hospital or university on an annual basis. We perform approximately 11% of all parathyroid operations performed in the US each year and have a referring network of over 1400 endocrinologists from all 50 states. We operate on patients from other countries in the world several times per day. In fact, we operate on more patients from Canada than any hospital in Canada.

Best Hospitals in America for Endocrinology

We operate out of the Parathyroid Center at Tampa General Hospital, a beautiful new facility built in 2009 for our practice. The Parathyroid Center is a self-contained, advanced surgical center on the top floor of one of America's largest hospitals. We have been awarded the "Best Hospitals in America" by US News and World Reports in "Endocrinology" and "Head and Neck Surgery" for the past 8 years, recognizing our expertise in the field of parathyroid surgery. US News also ranks our surgeons within the top 1% of all surgeons in the US. Our hospital was chosen as the #1 hospital in Florida for 2012-14. Within the Parathyroid Center we have our own operating rooms which are used for parathyroid surgery only. The staff of the Parathyroid Center is dedicated to our patients only, Top 1% of Surgeons in America. Norman, Politz, Lopez, Torothus each staff member has taken care of thousands of patients with hyperparathyroidism. Patients can expect one visit to our center for about 4 hours where every aspect of their disease is addressed... from meeting expert surgeons, to getting scans and having the operation. One four hour visit and this problem is gone. Become Our Patient.

The Norman Parathyroid Center is located in Tampa, Florida where parathyroid problems and high blood calcium is the only disease we treat. This map shows a red dot for where our patients live. Over 23,000 people from around the world have traveled to Tampa to have parathyroid surgery at our Center.

Click on the map and see that your neighbors came here. We perform about 2600 parathyroid operations annually with a cure rate over 99% via an operation that typically lasts between 14 and 20 minutes to evaluate all four parathyroid glands. Our five surgeons are the most experienced parathyroid surgeons in the world. 

​​High Blood Calcium Is Bad