​​High Blood Calcium is Bad is a national campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of high blood calcium. Blood calcium that is even a little bit high can cause serious health problems.

High blood calcium is an indicator that a serious medical problem exists due to a tumor on one or more of the 4 parathyroid glands in the neck. The treatment for high blood calcium is surgery to remove the parathyroid gland tumor. At least 30% of the time there is more than one parathyroid tumor as shown in this video. Since there is no way to accurately know if a patient has one or two (or even three!) parathyroid tumors, it is very important for the surgeon to check all 4 of the parathyroid glands during the operation.

Parathyroid surgery can be very delicate and tricky, so your doctors will tell you to find an expert surgeon who performs parathyroid surgery several times per week.

If you have an expert surgeon, this operation is very safe and you should expect to go home in less than 2 hours with a bandaid on your neck. Our patients are allowed unlimited activities (anything they want to do) the very next day. We even allow our patients to exercise 24 hours after surgery.

Minimally invasive parathyroid surgery is shown in this video. The surgeon (Dr James Norman) is the most experienced parathyroid surgeon in the world leading a team of 5 expert surgeons who perform parathyroid surgery exclusively. There is no blood in this video--it is bloodless. The entire operation takes less than 13 minutes to check all four parathyroid glands and remove two parathyroid tumors. This is state of the art in parathyroid surgery.

Important points about this operation:

  • All four parathyroid glands are evaluated​. This must be done for cure rates over 80%. There is no way around this.
  • The patient is not intubated (no tube in the trachea). The operation is short and non-stressful for the patient, so heavy anesthesia and potentially harmful nerve monitoring is not necessary.
  • ​The operation should be essentially bloodless. A sign of expertise.
  • The incision is very small, all stitches dissolve, so none to take out, and no drains coming out of the wound to drain blood.

Want to know more about this Mini-4 Gland Parathyroid Operation and learn more about how things are completed so fast and efficient, and what all the numbers mean?  We have an entire page that describes step by step what is happening. If you are contemplating parathyroid surgery, then you will learn a lot on this page.Learn More.

​​High Blood Calcium Is Bad